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jewelry made to order
Why is it worth?
  • Time saving
    It takes only three meetings to order a custom-made jewelry, and our experts are ready to meet at a convenient place for you. As a result, you will get a flawless jewelry with a perfect fit according to your measurements..
  • Confidence
    All stones and products are certified, delivery processes are transparent, so the purchase process brings pleasure and peace of mind.

  • Handmade quality
    The handwork is more filigree, especially in stone setting and metal polishing, and such jewelry tends to be much more durable.
  • Energy
    You yourself take part in the development of design and it is guaranteed that no one will try on the jewelry before you, it is filled only with your energy

Send us your reference
or create a sketch with our designer
Based on your wishes, we provide three design options and approve the sketch
1) After the sketch is approved, our specialists proceed to create a three-dimensional model of the jewelry and manufacture a plastic variat to be sure that the jewelry fits perfectly

2) At this stage, the prototype of the product in polymer is tried on and an advance payment of 50% is made
The final product is completed with certificates and a warranty. You pay the rest 50% of the total cost and receive jewelry in a branded case.
Do you have questions
or find it difficult to choose?
To make your shopping experience comfortable,
we offer a free online consultation
with a jewelry specialist